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About TLC

Founded by James and Johnnie Lee Williams in 1989, Thankful Learning Center (TLC) has provided a safe and healthy learning environment for its infants, toddlers, preschool, and school age children. TLC's educational model is based on objectives which include:


  • Promoting positive youth development

  • Developing strong relationships

  • Building strong partnerships with youth, families, schools, and communities

  • Creating a safe, healthy, and active social and learning environment

  • Supporting working families


James and Johnnie Lee Williams

James and Johnnie Lee Williams, after receiving a Masters degree in Education from Temple University in 1987, became the proud owners of Thankful Learning Center Inc in 1989. For over 23 years, James and Johnnie devoted their lives to this center. TLC specializes in meeting the children, adolescents, community members, and families needs by providing quality day care, after school, and parenting programs. Their core belief is that all little children are special, and a good beginning will help a child find success throughout their entire school experience. 


"God has supplied all of our needs. If you want to start a business; if you want to have success in life, give it back to God and you will never lose it. Try it, it works!"
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