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Upcoming Events at T.L.C.

The center's COVID POLICY has been updated, please contact the office

or ask for a copy of the update!

Parents & Guardians:

Please monitor your child's health and watch for any COVID symptoms. Please visit the CDC websites by clicking in CDC to view the most recent updates.

Please contact the office or staff 15-20 minutes prior to pick-up so they can have your child ready when you arrive!

Please call the office to check on documents/forms that are in need of being updated in your child's file (health assessment, emergency contact, agreement forms, and food program forms)!


Please keep an eye on WEATHER ALERTS...
The Director or Assistant Director will reach out directly to you in the event of an emergency closing due to inclement weather if your child is enrolled in the program.

Also, you can watch or listen to your local news station (CBS, ABC, NBC, KYW) or contact 215-925-1060 to see if school # 3073 has closed or called for a delayed opening.
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